The Love of Singing

Donna-Smile3Bx300LightIf I could speak all the languages of earth and of angels, but didn’t love others, I would only be a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal.

Sadly, if your dream as a singer is to change the world or help anybody else to change, your hardest chore will be to be heard over the clanging cymbals.

Sincerity is the loudest, sweetest bell; a sweet spirit is all you need to be encouraging.

As you walk your path to artistic karma, think of your work ethic and whether you would like to reminisce or regret.

Consider all aspects of the words success, luck, destiny, preparation, skill, experience…

And write lists!

Like these:

-Songs I’d like to learn
-Songs I have charts to
-Songs I need to transpose
-Foreign language selections
-Wardrobe ideas
-Cities I’d like to travel to
-Political figures I’d like to endorse with my singing
-Products I’d like to endorse
-Hotels and casinos I’d like to perform at
-Artists I’d like to do a duet with
(If they asked me, I could write a book…)

My Final Words

Now, as I end my Vocal Coach Residency, can I just say something here about how much I love to sing?

If you haven’t picked up on that fact yet, let me state my dream has always been to sing and share my stories with people all over the world.

I never cared what race or class or religion or culture or financial, educational, or medical state people were in when I shared with them.

In fact, the first things I want to know about my listeners is who they are; then I go into my background, my resume, my memory, even sometimes the memories of my ancestors, and find basic truths for us all.

Sometimes your interested presence and expression of caring is music to people’s ears!

So, Sing.

Sing with love, sincerity, compassion…and preparation.

2 thoughts on “The Love of Singing

  1. Good Morning Donna,

    This is beyond beautiful. Your words, your thoughts, your ideals, you are an amazing person and teacher in so many ways. You are and always have been one of the most compassionate women I have ever known and you taught those ideals and your compassion and love for singing as if you were a mother to my daughter. I wish we lived closer so that we could be a part of each others lives. You are above all the very best and kindest teacher of music and there are so many who love you as I do.

  2. I absolutely am moved with every article I read and feel “Donna McElroy.” I knew the from the very first time we met at Berklee , you were someone I connected with. I felt at home with you… your presence lingers with me. So, in your words…SING with Love, sincerity, compassion and preparation. SING! YES! Simple and powerful! By sharing your voice, your knowledge, your experiences, your strength, faith, and passion, I can’t help but to be inspired… you inspire many, and I am blessed to know you.

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